Welcome to my blog!

This blog is all about two of my favourite things: photography – obviously – and Triathlon.

For those that know me, I’ll give you a few minutes to get up off the floor and relax those laughing muscles. For those that don’t know me, get any images of svelte endurance athletes out of your head. Now. My son, who’s 9 and calls it like it is, has affectionately named me “Fatty Baldy”. It’s a quality he obviously gets from my wife’s side of the family.

The photography element is I hope self-explanatory. The blog serves as (yet another) place to post updates and share news.

The Triathlon element of this blog is a little different. Tri related post will be monthly.

I’m in my early forties, I’m 5’6 and at the time of writing hover around 95kg. That gives me a BMI of 34. I’m classified as OBESE. I don't personally consider myself obese, but I am overweight. I’ve spent 20 years working in clinical healthcare and I’ve seen things you do not want to see. I also have a family that I love. I need, no, I want to change. But know this, I'm not here to preach, that's not my style. I plan to drink alcohol. I’ll still eat pizza and enjoy pie and chips. I'll just practice a little more moderation than before and of course, get some exercise. My hope is that by putting my journey on a blog, it not only serves as an incentive to keep going, it may - if any other soul happens to come across it - also serve to encourage others to make changes in their lives.

So, stay tuned and see what happens.

TRI #1 - Prelude


Here it is, my first entry. I’ve been building up to writing a blog for a long time but must admit to suffering from recurrent cases of habitual task avoidance. As mentioned previously, I’ve decided to train for a triathlon (2018) and logging my journey forms part of my training plan. ...more

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